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For amazing sound quality, choose our Bass Speaker System, Audio Bass Speaker and PA01 Audio Bass Speaker...

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Technology has become a part of our lives. Today, in the year 2020, we cannot imagine our lives without the involvement of technology. One of the greatest products that we have received from technology is speakers. The charm of parties and functions, without which traveling, playing video games, watching movies would become boring and lifeless. Considering the importance of the role that speakers play in our lives, we, Chaimongkol Import Industrial Co., Ltd, have come into existence and began offering our customers a wide variety of speakers. Our range of speakers includes Bass Speaker System, Audio Bass Speaker, PATOP1 Audio Bass Speaker, TW01 Audio Bass Speaker, PA C01 Audio Speaker, WFTOP1 Audio Bass Speaker and more. By playing our job roles of manufacturer and exporter exceptionally well, we have come a long and glorious way in this business line. Today, we are looked upon as a symbol of trust by our esteemed customers in all Asian Countries. 

Customer Service

Customer services are considered to be the heart of a business as it deepens the roots of trust between customers and companies. By providing exceptional services, we leave our esteemed customers with a feeling of respect and value. There's no denying the fact that rendering extra customer care services involves extra investment. However, if all the resources are invested rightly, wonders can happen. For this reason, we at our company, relentlessly work to improve our customer care services and for this, we also have a team of customer care executives. By remaining true to our nature of business, we maintain a positive reputation not only among the existing clients but future customers too. Gaining excellence in customer service also helps with-
  • Improving customer loyalty by offering quality Audio Portable Bass Speaker and PA02 Audio Bass Speaker
  • Making better attempts to generate positive word-of-mouth
  • Enhance the chances of how often customer buys from us
  • Achieving total client satisfaction.


A business never becomes great if it does not have the support of the right people. We, at our company, hire the best employees to ensure all our work gets completed within the committed time frame. All our 70 employees are recruited on the basis of their knowledge, skills and experience. This is why they are the best a company can have. They even go beyond their limitations, if needed, to make our customers happy.

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